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“We don’t do grief very well in this modern culture. We don’t talk about it, we get uncomfortable around it, and in some mind-twisting way, we hope grief will leave us alone if we focus on the bright side of life. But that’s not how grief works.”Megan Devine

Join Caroline and Heather for a special evening pop-up class where we will explore the grieving process through yoga movement and guided meditation. Weather permitting,* we will practice outside on the lawn around the fire.

Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, the end of a significant relationship, loss of a job, a serious illness, a major life change, or any combination of major and minor losses, this full moon session is an opportunity to acknowledge and attend to your grief in the supportive company of our compassionate Stream community.

The full moon represents completion, culmination, and the peak of energy in the lunar cycle. The full moon is seen as a time of heightened awareness, illumination, and clarity, making it an auspicious period for spiritual practices, rituals, and introspection. Additionally, the full moon is associated with feminine energy, fertility, abundance, and the nurturing aspects of the divine. It is considered a time for manifestation, celebration, and connecting with the deeper rhythms of nature and the cosmos.

Memorial Full Moon Yoga Pop-Up Class
with Caroline Sorel and Heather Fenton
Monday, August 19, 2024

*In the case of rain, we will move this class indoors.

Stream Yoga + Meditation
819 Weaver Road, Port Colborne, ON L3K 5V3

Cost is $20 (inc HST) or book this ‘pop-up class’ with a single class pass or your Stream Membership.

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