When the discursive mind (manas) is settled toward stillness and the heart (chitta) is soft and receptive with compassion, conditions are ideal for developing wisdom.

Wisdom is luminous. Like an ‘inner light’, it shines, illuminating phenomena and revealing the truth of our being (anatta), and our natural good heart (bodhichitta).

In this 2.5 hour session, we will combine:
– movement practice (a blend of yoga and qigong), with
– yoga nidra, and
– guided meditation
to create the conditions for inner stillness and inquiry.

Yoga Nidra, often referred to as “yogic sleep,” is a guided meditation and relaxation practice that induces a state of conscious awareness between wakefulness and sleep, promoting deep relaxation and psychological rejuvenation.

This session is suitable for anyone interested in finding peace in their body and mind, reducing mental confusion and fear and living to their fullest human potential. The movement (yoga) portion is suitable for all abilities. Beginners are very welcome.

Awaken to Your Light
with Heather Fenton
Sunday, June 30, 2023

Stream Yoga + Meditation
819 Weaver Road, Port Colborne, ON L3K 5V3

$35 (inc HST) | only $28 (inc HST) for Stream Monthly Members (see below)

Heather Fenton

Heather Fenton

Studio Owner, Instructor

Heather combines 20+ years of Buddhist meditation training with a lifelong interest in mental and physical health and wellbeing. She teaches with warmth, compassion and humour.