Discover how to balance and harmonize the five key emotions—sadness, fear, anger, impatience, and anxiety—as viewed by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learn practical tools to restore your internal energy and safeguard your vital organs. Through guided exercises and profound teachings, you will cleanse and elevate your personal energy (Qi), unlocking a deeper sense of peace.

Beginners are very welcome. No previous experience is required.

Find out more about the practice and our visiting teacher, Hae Kwan Sunim, at: 

Inner Peace Qigong with Zen monk Hae Kwang Sunim
NEW DAY + TIME! Saturday, June 8, 2023
10am-Noon Practice + Tea Ceremony*

Stream Yoga + Meditation
819 Weaver Road, Port Colborne, ON L3K 5V3

This is an in person only event

$35 (inc HST) | only $28 (inc HST) for Stream Monthly Members and for Sunim’s Qigong Monthly Members (see below)

Attendance at this workshop includes 2 bonus classes with Sunim live on Zoom! See the details here.

*You are invited to stay after the session to enjoy tea or have the option to bring your own brown bag lunch.