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Learn to let go

This one thing has help me in life more than anything else…

Technically it’s two things, but let’s start with impermanence.

Everything happens in fleeting moments — this breath, this thought, a feeling, this morning — moments begin to leave as soon as they arrive.

Life is an unfolding process, not a fixed event.

We are not a thing in a thing-filled universe. And this is the second understanding.

Understanding impermanence leads us to understand interdependence.

‘We’ and ‘I/me/mine’ and ‘us/them’ are designations placed on unfolding processes.

So it’s not just that we learn to let go, and find freedom in the smooth, open quality of non-attachment.

It’s a deep abiding understanding that there was never anything to hold onto.

Yoga and meditation are gateways to uncovering these truths for yourself.

Find your way to your mat or cushion today!

Start how you mean to continue! Make practice and introspection the centre of your life and put peace and wisdom ahead of everything else.

Heather Fenton

Heather Fenton

Studio Owner, Instructor

Heather combines 20+ years of Buddhist meditation training with a lifelong interest in mental and physical health and wellbeing. She teaches with warmth, compassion and humour.

You’re invited to practice with us weekly in person in Port Colborne, Ontario or live online on Zoom.

Insight Meditation, Wednesdays 7pm ET (90 mins), with Heather Fenton — Start and/or maintain a regular meditation practice. Each week, guided meditations are combined with instructions for bringing mindfulness into daily living. This meditation class is offered freely.

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